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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Christina & Jim

As promised, here are the final invitations for Christina and Jim's beach wedding. The total package consists of 75 invitations. Each invitation contains a front page with an all-over tonal pattern made up of the wedding information. The second page is the formal invite, followed by an RSVP postcard and a logo back-stamped on the end page. The invitations are held together by a raw-edge, pink belly band and finished with a straw-grass twine and logo tag. The pink envelopes have their logo printed on the back flap. Christina and Jim's logo contains their names and a hibiscus, which is also their wedding flower.

Christina and Jim's final invitation package.

Invitation shown with RSVP postcard.

Invitation put together with printed envelope.

Our first three put together!

Congrats Christina and Jim! Have a beautiful wedding!


ricky normandeau said...

nice invites, yo.
i'm doing some for my sister's wedding now. its a bigger batch, but i hope they turn out as cool.

Jameson said...

These look great!

Monica said...

These are so great! I love the black on black pattern. The type of ribbon used is really the perfect final touch for the beach style wedding.

Sarah Matthews said...

Thanks for the fabulous comments! We love the support!