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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Inspiration Field Trip

We've been talking about taking a work field trip for a few weeks, so today we drove downtown to explore stationery stores, paper boutiques and any other hidden treasures north of our regular stomping grounds. Our first stop on the list was Cottage Industry, a cute, contemporary Artist Co-op.
Photo courtesy of Cottage Industry

The shop was attached to Infusion Tea and we had the pleasure of learning all about the different varieties of tea from our "tea connoisseur", Alex. We both enjoyed a cup of steaming hot tea, complete with a tea-steep timer!

After talking to the cashier (a fellow artist with work at Cottage), she gave us some information on leasing space in the store. We pay a set fee to sell our work in the store and would work four hours per week at Cottage Industry. We have an application, so now we need to get our inventory ready, fill it out, and hope the interview goes well! We were so excited at this great Orlando find and had the chance to see some talented local artists' work. For you Florida readers, we highly recommend checking out Cottage Industry and grabbing a cup of tea from Alex. We'll keep everyone posted on the potential store space.

After our tea and inspiration, we drove over to Park Avenue in Winter Park and stopped at a local invitation and stationery boutique, Maureen Hall. It was located in a charming courtyard, right off Park Avenue. Maureen has been at that location for 20 years and in the stationery business for over 30 years! She was a great source of knowledge, with an absolutely adorable store, complete with a cushy couch in the corner.
Maureen's boutique, up the flight of stairs on the right
View into the courtyard
Park Avenue

After a quick stroll down Park Avenue, we headed to Sam Flax to check out their paper selection for upcoming wedding invitations. We stumbled upon this incredible Art-O-Mat. These machines are retired cigarette vending machines used to dispense small works of art. There are currently 82 in the US. The art in this vending machine sold for $5 each. What a great way to collect eclectic pieces of art from all over the country!


Our day ended with a delicious meal from Dexter's in Thornton Park. Who can resist those sweet potato chips? Stay tuned for our next field trip! We're feeling inspired and can't wait to see what happens!

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Monica said...

Wow! If I bring a permission slip, may I come on your next field trip? Looks like you two had a fabulous day full of inspiration! Great post :-)