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Monday, May 25, 2009

Choosing the right invitation

When I got engaged two years ago, it was one of the most exciting days of my life. A walk through the Magic Kingdom on Christmas Eve, a stop at the bakery and Hubs kneeling down in the spot we first met–perfect. Tourists snapped photos and I said yes.

The next few days were spent calling family and friends, looking through wedding magazines and enjoying a slightly heavier left hand. Being the first of my sisters and girlfriends to get married, I didn’t know where to begin. Pick a date. Find a venue. Buy a dress. The choices were overwhelmingly exciting, but intimidating.

With a year of marriage under my belt, I started thinking about setting the tone for a wedding. What most brides don’t think about at the beginning of the wedding planning process is the invitation. It’s generally down the list on priorities. There’s pertinent information that needs to be confirmed prior to the actual printing of the invitation, but you can start the planning process with the look and feel of the invitations.

Think of your wedding as your business and your invitation as your brand. While there’s not a specific way to choose your brand, I can assure you that you probably won’t find it in a book of invitations.

So how do you choose your brand for a custom invitation? Here are a few suggestions:

1.) Color. Maybe you’ve already picked your bridesmaid dresses, or you know that you absolutely HAVE to have chocolate and brown together. Either way, a color combination can be a great start.

2.) Flowers. Do you have a favorite, or one you’d like to have in your centerpieces or bridal bouquet? I had a beach bride who used a hydrangea as part of her monogram. This theme was carried out with hydrangea bouquets and centerpieces.

3.) Season/Time of Year. Maybe you’re getting married in December and you’d like a snowflake embossed on pearl paper. My friend got married on Halloween and designed her invitation to look like an old royal court announcement, inspired by The Count of Monte Cristo (complete with a wax seal).

4.) Location. Is there something special about your venue? Do you want to showcase the great tropical setting for your destination wedding? I knew a bride whose invitations were designed with a pattern from the ceiling tiles at her New York venue.

5.) Theme. Is your dress reminiscent of the 1930s? Maybe you’d like a vintage look with your invitations. Are you more of a modern bride? You might want lots of white space and clean lines. A favorite era or style can open a lot of doors to great designs.

There are so many options when it comes to your wedding invitations. Take advantage of opportunity to create something custom for you and your fiancĂ©. Maybe it’s the lace from your dress applied as a pattern, maybe your monogram stems from a lyric of your favorite song, or maybe you just want to reference the bakery where you first met…

Do you have any ideas for ways to create your wedding brand?

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