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Monday, May 18, 2009

We love it Wednesday: Green Invites

What would be more fun for an outdoor spring wedding than a wooden wedding invite? A while back I received this beautiful postcard in the mail from a special someone; I followed the web address on the back, which lead me to Night Owl Paper Goods. A cute couple based out of Alabama with a passion for creating lovely letterpress cards and wooden products.

To my surprise they had an entire custom section to their site, where you can send an original designs and they print it on a variety of wooden card sizes. I will speak on behalf of both Sarah and I when I say, we would love to start using their printing service in some of our custom wedding packages! There is something so clean and sweet about a design once it is printed on one of these beautiful cards, and it even an Eco-friendly green product! What other ideas do you have for an Eco-Friendly approach to your wedding day or event?

All photos courtesy of Night Owl Paper Goods.

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