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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We Love it Wednesday: Orla Kiely

Yesterday I received a gift from good friend (and graphic designer!), Trisha Hay. Beautifully wrapped, complete with perfectly designed hang tangs, these Orla Kiely chocolates were indeed heaven in a box. So beautiful in fact, that Lisa and I spent nearly five minutes, in the middle of Panera, attempting to delicately open the box, so as to avoid tearing the paper. Fellow designers and lovers of all things creative, you get it, right?

Of course we loved what we found under the paper wrapping and hang tags–besides the chocolate.

Orla Kiely has a unique brand and it's everywhere. From Anthropologie to Target, her patterns can be found on dresses, dishware, notebooks–you name it. Now that's a versatile brand!

What are some other brands that successfully carry their design scheme across the spectrum of apparel, paper goods, kitchenware, etc? 
Image courtesy of Orla Kiely

1 comment:

Monica Holtsclaw said...

Yum! Heaven inside and out!

I have seen Orla Kiely patterns around, but never put a name to them. Thanks for the intro :)