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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We Love it Wednesday: Heartwood Prints

In my early teenage years, I would daydream about meeting a boy who would profess his love for me by carving our names in a tree trunk. Of course, then I read The Giving Tree — and trees became my friends. 

Looking for a perfect wedding gift that's not on the registry (and keeps our forest friends harm-free)? Take a look at these beauties, for only $25! Not only are these prints completely hand-lettered on an original illustration, they're ready to mat and frame for a unique gift. Michael Mojher is an extremely talented artist and illustrator in the central Florida area. His passion for detail and texture are evident in his work. Have a look and see for yourself–we definitely love it! (and remember those wedding and anniversary gifts!)

All images courtesy of Michael Mojher.

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Studio222 Photography said...

Love the layout girlies!!!!