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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Orange Blossom Ink Photo Shoot

Between Sarah's home improvements, finishing up several invitation packages and traveling we have been keeping really busy the last few weeks! I have been dying to find to time to share some of our favorite photos from our first Orange Blossom Ink photo shoot! The photos, taken by our dear friends Josh Holtsclaw and assisted by Monica Holtsclaw, were so beautiful, it made it incredibly difficult to pick which ones to post. We think they have a budding career in photography on top of their already amazing talents. Be sure to stop by to see Josh's other work, and even pick up a book or some adorable book earrings in Monica's shop. We hope you love these as much as we do.


The Neighborhood Press said...

Love the pictures and your dresses! I sense a former cheerleader in the mix.

Mel Watson said...

Beautiful images! I love the shot where you girls are tossing up oranges. Love the locations too! Where did you guys shoot these? Great stuff. :)

Sarah Matthews and Lisa Badeen said...

Hi Mel,

Josh and Monica scouted a few locations prior to our photo-shoot. The blue wall photos were taken in downtown Ocoee, the brick wall and orange tossing photos were taken in downtown Winter Garden, and the orange grove dirt road photos were taken in Davenport. Glad you enjoyed them!


Sarah & Lisa

Kathy Ingels said...

You two are so cute! Love the pictures and your color choices for the dresses.:)

Becka @Studio222 Photography said...

I love the one where you're tossing up the oranges. You're both too adorable!

Kara said...

Love the last one of you two standing together...and Lisa, you sure can jump high!