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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We Love it Wednesday: Colored Me Inspired

What we love this week is a new business venture by our good friends, graphic designer Trisha Hay and photographer Becka Knight. They've teamed up to create Color Me Inspired, a site of inspiration for brides, planners, and anyone who loves color and DIY. 

Everyone has seen inspiration boards on the web, but what's different about Color Me Inspired, is that Becka and Trisha own all of the work shown. Becka shoots all of the photography and Trisha designs a free, downloadable template that corresponds with the color palette of the week. 

While weddings may be a main source of inspiration, Trisha and Becka showcase beautiful palettes that can be found anywhere in the world, including favorite rooms in their home

Do you have any favorite color palettes?

All photos courtesy of Color Me Inspired

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