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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rebecca & Joe: Winter Wedding Invitations

We instantly felt a connection to Rebecca and Joe when we met with them for afternoon coffee to discuss their wedding plans. It was just an added bonus on top of them already being so pleasant, that Rebecca had a background in events and weddings. Therefore, she was able to give us a clear picture of her big day, and everything she wanted to go into it. As they described their modern winter wedding we immediately started to get a picture of what we wanted to create. We can hardly believe that fall has arrived and their wedding day is already around the corner!

We used their subtle monogram in a snowflake motif as a unifier throughout their pieces.

Choosing a simple typeface compared to a ornate script helped create the clean, modern feel we had hoped for.

The ice blue and crimson were carried throughout each piece and mounted on black linen to give each separate piece contrast. The R.S.V.P cards were printed front and back to be used as a postcard.

We tied each invitation off with a crimson satin ribbon, and sealed them in ice blue envelopes.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We love it Wednesday: Pretty Packages

I know it's not the holiday season quite yet, but I realized as of lately that I am always eying beautiful gift wrap no matter what time of year. I guess the saying is right, presentation is everything, and if I could get my gifts to look like these I would be a very happy girl.

Photo found via oh, hello friend

Photo found via oh, hello friend

You have to imagine my excitement while looking at one of my favorites inspiration stops, Creature Comforts, last week that I saw the opening of her Nice Package online shop. Thanks to these two amazing bloggers with a great sense of style, I will now be able to buy the perfect little touches to make my packages exactly as amazing as I envision them. I can't wait to make a purchase!

Images courtesy of Nice Package

They carry hang tags, gift bags, paper garland, vintage ribbon and my personal favorite, bakers twine, among many other treasures.

Images courtesy of Nice Package

And they have such a cute ideas on how to use everyday things like these delicate lace dollies to dress up simple cupcake arragements or twistie ties to make gift wrap bows.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Featured Friends: Carolyn & Johnny

This past Saturday we had a lovely evening witnessing the wedding of our new and dear friend Carolyn to her now husband Johnny. Carolyn was one of the first brides who came to us for custom invitations, and it was wonderful getting to see her walk down the aisle and share in her beautiful wedding! The weather was perfect for an outdoor ceremony, and all of the details from her deep red and purple flowers, to the elegant cake made for a gorgeous reception. Congratulations to Mr. Johnny and Mrs. Carolyn Edwards on your new life together!

The happy newlyweds at the reception.

All of the details came together so nicely. Her lace gown, white cake and bouquet of calla lilies and roses carried the vintage elegance theme throughout the evening.

The original invitation package designed we created for Carolyn and Johnny.

We were so excited to see Carolyn's talented day-of coordinator and our December bride, Rebecca, who helped to pull off the beautiful event!

Sarah and her hubby Jason anxiously awaiting dessert.

The two of us enjoying the night!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We Love it Wednesday: Cancer Awareness

Cancer. It's a scary word. It's a foreign invasion of the body, yet the word itself has become so commonplace in our everyday lives. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but I think that every day of every year, we should become educated on all types of cancer. 

Cancer knows no race, religion, age or sex. It affects family members, friends, co-workers and celebrities. Cancer doesn't care how much money is in your bank account or the type of life you've lived. It's cruel, unforgiving and completely undeserved. 

Former UW-Madison classmate and friend of mine, Lindsay, was diagnosed with liver cancer at age 24. In January of 2008 doctors told her she had a month left to live. Today she's fighting hard, but she's alive and surrounded by the support of many, many people.

A friend of our family, Dan Kenneavy was diagnosed with bone cancer at age 17. Now 20 years old, he's in the Phillipines undergoing experimental treatment when he was told that chemo was no longer an option. Only a few months ago, when the cancer had spread through his arm, he chose have his right arm amputated because, as he told his mother, he's "choosing to live." 

Dan and his sister, Erin

Dan and his doctors in the Philippines

So this month, as you're thinking about breast cancer awareness, remember all the people in this world fighting this horrible disease - cancers of all kinds.

The links below are artists and/or retailers who donate portions of all proceeds to cancer research:

Do you have a story to tell? Links to fundraisers or causes for the people in your life? Please post in comments below. Together we can support those fighting and hope for one day, a cure.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We love it Wednesday: Kansas City Wedding Hive

I arrived in Kansas City today for a week of date nights with the boyfriend, catching up with friends, a family reunion and to enjoy the beautiful October weather. Therefore, I thought this would be a good week to share my latest exciting discovery, the Kansas City Wedding Hive. With a tagline like "If a regular bridal group is Vanilla, this is Super Chunk, Toffee, Coffee, Mint, Nut, Chocolate Madness Extreme," I was instantly intrigued. This Midwest group of wedding professionals pride themselves in being eclectic, custom, artistic and creative. It would be just the type of group we would hope to someday be associated with. They participate in events all over Kansas City, and have an upcoming show this January that sounds like a bride-to-be's dream! If you happen to be living in the heartland I would recommend to check them out for a great list of vendors, and beautiful unique work!

Images courtesy of the Kansas City Wedding Hive

Below are some links to some of the Hive's talented participants: