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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rebecca & Joe: Winter Wedding Invitations

We instantly felt a connection to Rebecca and Joe when we met with them for afternoon coffee to discuss their wedding plans. It was just an added bonus on top of them already being so pleasant, that Rebecca had a background in events and weddings. Therefore, she was able to give us a clear picture of her big day, and everything she wanted to go into it. As they described their modern winter wedding we immediately started to get a picture of what we wanted to create. We can hardly believe that fall has arrived and their wedding day is already around the corner!

We used their subtle monogram in a snowflake motif as a unifier throughout their pieces.

Choosing a simple typeface compared to a ornate script helped create the clean, modern feel we had hoped for.

The ice blue and crimson were carried throughout each piece and mounted on black linen to give each separate piece contrast. The R.S.V.P cards were printed front and back to be used as a postcard.

We tied each invitation off with a crimson satin ribbon, and sealed them in ice blue envelopes.

1 comment:

Rebecca Davenport said...

I am so excited about these invites!! Something I thought would play a simple role in the whole wedding process has now become the inspiration for all things at the reception!

I will sing your praises to anyone looking for graphic designers!! I could not have been more impressed!