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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We Love it Wednesday: Cancer Awareness

Cancer. It's a scary word. It's a foreign invasion of the body, yet the word itself has become so commonplace in our everyday lives. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but I think that every day of every year, we should become educated on all types of cancer. 

Cancer knows no race, religion, age or sex. It affects family members, friends, co-workers and celebrities. Cancer doesn't care how much money is in your bank account or the type of life you've lived. It's cruel, unforgiving and completely undeserved. 

Former UW-Madison classmate and friend of mine, Lindsay, was diagnosed with liver cancer at age 24. In January of 2008 doctors told her she had a month left to live. Today she's fighting hard, but she's alive and surrounded by the support of many, many people.

A friend of our family, Dan Kenneavy was diagnosed with bone cancer at age 17. Now 20 years old, he's in the Phillipines undergoing experimental treatment when he was told that chemo was no longer an option. Only a few months ago, when the cancer had spread through his arm, he chose have his right arm amputated because, as he told his mother, he's "choosing to live." 

Dan and his sister, Erin

Dan and his doctors in the Philippines

So this month, as you're thinking about breast cancer awareness, remember all the people in this world fighting this horrible disease - cancers of all kinds.

The links below are artists and/or retailers who donate portions of all proceeds to cancer research:

Do you have a story to tell? Links to fundraisers or causes for the people in your life? Please post in comments below. Together we can support those fighting and hope for one day, a cure.

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