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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Its Better Together: Part One

We had such a good time at last week's It's better together meet up, and just as much fun getting ready for it. We met with our friend Trisha earlier in the week, and she had the idea of putting together some type of take home business card bag for everyone attending. Therefore, a good craft night was in order. We ordered some pizza, Sarah pulled out her sewing machine, and we used a mixture of old and new patterned fabrics to put together these little business business card take home bags.

The night of the event, with everyone's business cards laid out and ready to be stuffed in the pouches.

Anna Bond also brought along these adorable get-to-know you name tags to help break the ice for the evening.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for part two of our delightful evening at Seven Sisters Coffee House.


Michelle Guzman Photographers said...

It was great meeting you and everyone that night. Thank you so much for the business card holder. It's so cute!!!

Brandy Burridge Photography said...

Thanks again for the super cute bc holders! What a great idea!