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Monday, May 16, 2011

Minted DIY Program Challenge

Minted just launched wedding programs! To celebrate, they hosted a $1000 Blogger Program Challenge. Minted provided the programs and the challenge was for bloggers to creatively bind and embellish each program, using Minted's DIY Program template.

As a designer, I don't spend as much time crafting with my hands as I'd like, so this was a PERFECT challenge. It got me away from the computer screen and digging into my box of buttons, ribbon and other crafting goodies.

Today they announced the winners! Congratulations to Meg Gleason of Moglea who took home the grand prize of $1000. Victoria Hudgins of A Subtle Revelry and I were the runners up in this challenge and each won $500 gift cards to Minted. Be sure to check out Minted's Flickr page for other ideas on programs, as well as see the other entries.

My Cocktail Hour Handkerchief Entry was a runner-up.

Thanks Minted! I look forward to the next design challenge!